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Since childhood I was interested in different forms of art.
My first art expressions were with pencil and charcoal, experimenting from time to time Spray painting, before trying oils, my true passion, and watercolours.

My paintings are greatly influenced by my love for the nature and traditions of Japan, a country I am really enamored with, my fascination for Japan began in 2000 when I discovered Bonsai trees. Since then I have been involved in this traditional Japanese art both personally, and with the local Bonsai club.
This passion led me to paint a whole series of painting dedicated to the rising sun called "My Japan"; each painting of this set has its own history and an emotional value. Looking at them I am able to remember exactly how my mood was that moment when I was laying down a brushstroke one after another.

Recently I like to paint stormy seascapes with strong waves and vibrant colors.
Among my works you can also find paintings of the countryside where I live, Still Lifes and paintings of the Italian Alps.

For many years years my paintings never left my studio, but the encounter with some other artists gave me the encouragement to show my works and attend art competitions and group exhibitions.

My greatest satisfaction is to recognize that someone feels the same emotions looking at them. It does not matter if my paintings are considered good or not as long as they left an impression on the viewer.

Some of my paintings are part of private collections in Italy, USA, Japan, Canada, Finland, England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

".......I open the screw top of the linseed oil bottle that I have just bought at the old art store, the scent of the oil fills the room, this is the scent that always marks my painting sessions. I pure some turpentine on a cup and its typical strong smell mix up with the oil scent.

From the box I bring my paintbrushes, the knives and the oil colour tubes. The palette is waiting beside the easel where the white canvas is ready.

While mixing the colours a wide range of colours variations appears on the palette, I choose the right paintbrush and try to use it to transfer on the canvas the image seen by my mind, the eye is just another actor of the whole process, it is my mind that translate what I have in front of me, my hand lies the colours trying to capture the emotions on the canvas.

At the end, when I lay the last brush stroke, I move away from the easel trying to relax after the painting session concentration; I took the canvas and hang it to the wall to dry.
It is bed time, I am tired but my mind is free from any thoughts that the busy, rush working day brought to me, painting is also this: escape....."


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